Matthew 7:12–14

His Kingdom is to be a realm where people treat one another with the honor, dignity, care, and love that they themselves desire. It’s a beautiful vision for life, and one that we all fall woefully short of. And that’s why Jesus came.

Matthew 7:1–6

When you have done the hard work to get an honest assessment of yourself and your own need for spectacular mercy, you may be in a better position to lovingly support others on their journey toward the healing and transformative love of God.


Jesus & Emotional Health: Matthew 6:25–34

Last week we considered Jesus’ teaching on anxiety. In the context, Jesus is teaching that faith in God’s Eternal Kingdom and His Fatherly care sets us free from the anxiety that comes from living for material things. The truth is easy to understand, but it can be challenging and complicated to apply.

Matthew 6:19–24

Jesus is calling people into a Kingdom where God is known as the true and eternal source of security and love. God Himself is the treasure our hearts long for, and living for His Kingdom brings indestructible joy.

Matthew 6:5–15

This life-transforming invitation to commune and converse with your heavenly Father lies at the heart of what Jesus came to provide for His followers. He came to reconcile us to God.

Matthew 6:1–4

This teaching marks the beginning of a new section in the Sermon on the Mount. The focus of this section is the call to pay attention to your inner motives for good works…

Following Jesus in this Political Moment

What does it mean to love our neighbor through engagement in the political sphere? What does it look like to love people we disagree with?