“Teams” are groups of people at Park Church who serve our community in some specific way and have a specific point person to help them. Our goal is that everyone who calls Park Church home would be involved in at least one Team. Why ask this?

The church is a family, and within a family it’s important for everyone to contribute for the good of others. If this reminds you of doing chores, it’s okay to start there (there is work to do!) but certainly remember to add all of the wonderful “whys.” To keep with the family metaphor, we clean up because we make fun messes, we do dishes because we get to eat together, we cut the grass because we want it to be ready for playing.

In Scripture we see Jesus both celebrating and serving with a full heart. We encourage you to do the same, actively bearing of the image of God to your friends (and often, their children)!

Park Kids

Leader: Melanie Fenwick

The Park Kids Team belongs to a community that develops as leaders and establish the next generation of believers. We are always in recruitment for Team Members to invest in our kids. If you would like to join the Park Kids Team, contact Melanie at

Park Students

Leader: Luke Chow

Park Students exists to raise up a generation of Christ-centered disciples who will have authentic relationships with God, with each other, and with the world. To serve with Park Students, contact Luke at

Gospel Community Leadership/Apprenticeship

Leader: Kyle Nelson

We are always in need of new Gospel Community leaders. If you are in a Gospel Community and are interested in leading a new Gospel Community, talk to your Gospel Community leader about apprenticing or contact Miguel at


Leader: Melanie Fenwick

We provide childcare for many of Park Church’s events and classes. If you have questions or are interested in helping to provide childcare for any of these events, contact Melanie at

Hospitality MEALS

Leaders: Alyson Hershelman and Amy Parry

The Hospitality Meals Team provides meals for people in need in and around our body. This includes families who have recently had a child, experienced a death or other tragedy. For more information, contact Amy at If you or someone you know is in need of Hospitality Meals, please use this form to request meals!

Care & Counseling

Leader: Jason Jones

The primary context for care at Park Church is within our Gospel Communities, but there are times when people are in need of more care and support. To provide additional care and counseling to those in need, we have several individuals and couples who serve as counseling mentors. If you are interested in becoming a counseling mentor, please contact Jason at

Music & Liturgy

Leader: Joel Limpic

Park Church Music and Liturgy exists to help the gathered church delight in the Triune God through rehearsing the Story of the Gospel and experiencing the God of the Story. If you are a worship leader or a musician with a heart to be involved in this area, please contact John at


Leader: Chris Stuhr

We need people who will come early, make coffee, prep communion, and help us create a hospitable environment on Sundays. For more information, contact Chris at


Leader: Andrew Goode

We make people feel welcomed on Sundays through greeting them and making sure they have everything they need. Part of our team also makes sure people are followed up with as needed and that they have opportunities to get connected to the community of Park Church. For more info or to join this team, contact Andrew at


Leader: Matt Johnson

With the goal of keeping our church family safe on Sundays, we have a security team. For more information or to join this team, contact Matt at


Leader: John Petterson

Prayer is one of the greatest gifts God has given His church, both individually and corporately. To learn about our open weekly prayer meetings and our prayer team, contact


Leader: Steve Vanderheide

Do you have a gifting or a heart to serve in the Audio/Video world at Park Church Highlands? We’re always looking for more Team Members to help run sound, stream, and lyrics on Sundays. To learn more and join this team, contact Tim at

Set-up & Tear-down

Leader: Calden Scranton

The Setup and Tear-Down Team is in charge preparing our building for the Sunday worship service. This includes setting up tables, signage, books, etc., then breaking everything down afterward. For more info, contact Calden at