Gospel Communities

What are they?

Simply put, our small groups, called Gospel Communities, provide a context to follow Jesus together. In these groups, relationships are cultivated as we learn to apply the Gospel to all areas of life.

Our Gospel Communities meet weekly in homes throughout the Denver metro area and are made up of people from those surrounding neighborhoods and communities. We value diversity of age, race, life stage, and experience in our groups and hope to create groups that reflect that in every corner of our city!

We believe that living as a disciple of Jesus means learning to be with Jesus and follow His way of life. And we believe this happens in the context of relationships with others. Our groups are framed by this vision and it works its way into everything we do. We study the bible together, pray with one another, share both laughter and difficulties with one another, and love our neighbors together. We also use the gifts God has given us to serve one another, both internally as a group and church and externally for the sake of our neighbors and city.

Our goal is to connect you with a Gospel Community in your general area of the city and help you and that group join in growing as disciples of Jesus together for the glory of God and joy of all peoples.


The first step into a Gospel Community is to attend Community Connect, a two-week workshop designed to help men and women establish relationships with others in the church body, learn about Park Church’s vision for Gospel-Centered community, and learn about what it looks like to be a part of community at Park Church.

Next Community Connect:

Sundays, August 28 & September 4 • 8:30–10:30am