How do we accomplish our mission?

As discussed in Why We Exist, our heart is to make disciples of Jesus for the glory of God and the joy of all people. But how do we accomplish that on a practical level? Each of the ministries of Park Church, as shown in the Our Ministries menu on this page, serve a different, specific purpose, all under the umbrella of our greater mission. A few examples include:

Park Renew

Park Renew exists to form our people through the gospel, equipping them to worship Jesus in every facet of their lives.

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Park Kids

Park Kids seeks to equip parents to teach their kids to love and fear God, and encourage families to engage the city.

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Love5280 is an effort by Park Church to resource people with information about organizations that serve Denver and opportunities to join them in their work.

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Church Planting & Missions

God is on a mission to bring joy to the nations through the person and work of Jesus Christ.

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How do these ministries work?

Through people like you. The church is a family, and within a family it’s important for everyone to contribute for the good of others. We accomplish this through Services Teams, or groups of people focused on a particular kind of service within our community. We encourage everyone who considers Park Church their home to join at least one Service Team. Learn more and join a service team