Meeting Online and In-Person:

Park Church has three in-person services each Sunday: 8:30, 10, and 11:30am. Capacity is limited to 75 people at each service, so registration is mandatory in order to attend. Our 10am service is streamed live and replayable here.


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Note: Please park at the Masonic Center at Federal and 36th, if possible. This is a practical way to love and serve our neighbors!

What are our services for?

We come together on Sundays for worship that is shaped both by the ancient rhythms of the Christian church and the conviction that we gather in order to be with our God through the work of Jesus. Our services typically last about an hour and a half.

What is the service like?

Our Sunday gatherings loosely follow a liturgy (order of service) that the Church has followed for hundreds of years. This liturgy is shaped by and centered on the good news of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. We begin every service by reading a CALL TO WORSHIP from Scripture, reminding us of who God is and all He’s done. This leads us to respond in worship through song. In light of God’s holiness, we become increasingly aware of our sin, which leads us to acknowledge our sins through a PRAYER OF CONFESSION. We corporately and personally confess our continual need for God’s mercy and forgiveness. After another song we are ASSURED OF PARDON as God’s promises from Scripture are read over those who have put their trust in Christ’s work on the cross in their place. Together we respond by saying, “Thanks be to God!”

Following the assurance, the biblical passage for the SERMON is read over us. After the reader acknowledges that “this is the Word of the Lord”, we corporately respond by saying, “Thanks be to God!” Through the sermon, the Word of God is then explained and preached to us. The sermon culminates in COMMUNION, where all those who believe that Jesus is Lord and has died and is risen are invited to come forward, take bread, dip it into wine and celebrate the grace that is ours in the body and blood of Jesus. Each week, our service ends with a BENEDICTION or “sending,” where we are blessed and sent into our city as missionaries, reminded that God goes with us as we bear witness to His glory in our various vocations.

Park Kids

Our children’s ministry, Park Kids, is currently unavailable under local and governmental guidelines. Children are welcome to stay with their families at our in-person services, or they can explore our weekly Kids’ Sunday Worship Resources:

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