Sunday Worship

Sunday Worship

Park Church is holds online and in-person services each Sunday in the Highlands and Downtown.

Joining Us Online?

An online church service is a challenging notion. Here are some suggestions as you think about your Sundays.

Before The Service:

  • Pick a place in your home that’s comfortable. Put phones and other distractions away. Grab a Bible or a journal if you’d like.
  • Prepare the elements for communion (bread & wine or wine substitute) in advance. Communion is a way that Christians remember and receive the love and grace of God displayed on the cross, and also remember that even while we are scattered, we are still united as one through the broken body and shed blood of Christ. If you’re not a Christian yet, we encourage you to use this time to consider where you are at on your spiritual journey. What’s keeping you from trusting and following Him?
  • Be prayerful. We believe God moves in power when God’s people gather, and that truth remains when we gather in our homes!
  • If you’d like to chat with others before or after the service, people are welcome to use the chat room to the right of the video on the streaming link above.

During The Service:

  • Engage your body as you watch the service! Avoid merely watching, and engage your body through singing and engaging in other worshipful postures (standing, kneeling, raising your hands, even dancing!).
  • Don’t hesitate to click “live prayer” at any point during the service. We want to be people who are quick to pray with one another. One of our leaders will send you a private message asking what they can pray for, then can either pray with you over a call or send their prayer over the chat.
  • If you find the chat room distracting, make the video “full screen” by clicking in the bottom right corner.

After The Service:

  • Some people will be sticking around on the chat if you want to talk to others!
  • For those who are new, we will be having a meeting on Zoom called Introductions where you can meet some staff members, get to know more about Park Church, and explore getting involved in this season.

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