Parking on Sundays

Before each service on Sunday, more than a hundred of our cars must find a spot in our neighborhood. While we take immense joy in this weekly re-gathering of friends and family, we don’t want it to be at the expense of Park Church’s physical neighbors in any way, lest we become a poor representation of the family of God.

For this reason, please consider the following when you park a car at the Park Church building on Sundays:

  1. Street parking is ideally not for Park Church. Our area is not designed to accommodate this volume of street parking. Although we are legally allowed to park on the street, doing so consumes all parking for local residents and their guests for most of the morning. Neighbors have expressed frustration at this many times over the years.
  2. The large parking lot at the Masonic building is reserved for Park Church. Our generous neighbors at this building have offered their high-capacity lot to us on Sundays. We’re so grateful to have this resource. You can cross Federal at several places, but the safest option is the signalized crosswalk at 35th. Have young kids? Keep reading.
  3. The small lot directly across 37th from the Park Church building is reserved for visitors, families with young children, and those with accessibility needs.


Thank you for helping us consider our neighbors!


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