As Christians we are called to live and serve in communities called churches. At Park Church we call participation in this community Covenant Membership.

What is Church Membership?

The local church is not simply a collection of individuals who all show up at the same place on a Sunday. We are called to a community where we share a common life and mission together. At the center of this life is the confession and celebration of who God is and what He has done for us in the gospel – the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. At the heart of our mission is to love our city and call men and women into this life with us. The church is often referred to as a family in the pages of the New Testament, and it is our conviction that this means something significant for membership in the local church.

It is hard for us to grasp this. Our entire western culture has defined us in terms of our own individuality. We spend most of our resources and waking hours simply trying to distinguish ourselves through what we do, how we look, or what we own. We have no concept of belonging to something larger than ourselves. The effects of this abandonment of community are devastating. In such a society the very fabric of mutual responsibility and care is lost. The idea that we receive our identity as a gift becomes almost impossible to conceive.

But Christianity does precisely this. It give us a new identity. God, in Christ, no longer counts our sins against us but declares us to be righteous and just. But a very important part of this new identity is God’s declaration that we belong to a new family—a new people. We are not simply brought into a covenant with God, but also into a covenant family, ruled and loved by God. We are no longer defined by what we do and what we make of ourselves, but we are now defined by what God has done, and the people He has formed.

To help shape this kind of culture in our church we have created a process whereby individuals may covenant with this community. It begins by participating in the weekly rhythms of our church life and then continues with the steps outlined below.

How do I become a member at Park Church?


Our Foundations Course is designed to give anyone interested, but especially potential members, a look into the theological vision, cultural values, and structure of Park Church. Our Foundations course lays the groundwork for what life at Park will look like.

Our next Foundations Course happens in April 2024.


Completion of the Membership Questionaire will give you an opportunity to read or review Park Church’s foundational documents and then answer a number of questions regarding your salvation, theology, life in community, serving interests, etc.

Membership Questionaire


Once the first two steps are accomplished, a potential member will meet with a Pastor to talk about their Member Questionnaire and the expectations of membership. This will also be a time for any questions the potential partner has. If membership is approved then a Member Covenant will be signed and membership completed.

Feel free to email with any questions.