Ecclesiastes 10:1–11:6

By confronting us with sobering truths, Ecclesiastes helps deconstruct common ways that humans pursue pleasure and purpose and teaches us to surrender to God in the midst of the complex realities of life. It lays a foundation for a more mature and more reliable path to lasting joy.

Hospitality & Neighboring

We routinely take a few Sundays in a row to focus on our mission as a church: we exist to make disciples of Jesus for the glory of God and the joy of all people. Though many of Park Church’s people may know those words, discussing their “why” in detail helps us know where we’re going together.

This year, we want to focus on five practical areas where the mission of God propels us to live in particular ways:

  1. The Global Mission of God (January 8)
  2. Hospitality and Neighboring (January 15)
  3. Restorative Justice (January 22)
  4. Faith and Work (January 29)
  5. Sharing the Good News (February 5)

While no one is called to simultaneously grow and serve equally in every area of the Christian life, there are likely one or two areas that God may invite you into throughout the series. We invite you to pray through and consider the areas of focus above and what that might mean for you.

Matthew 22:1–14: Come to the Wedding Feast

In Part VI of our ongoing Matthew Series covers Matthew 19:1–22:36. We’ll study several difficult teachings, parables, and miracles of Jesus, bringing us to His triumphal entry into Jerusalem.