Foundations Course

Membership at Park Church

Welcome to our home page for our membership process, lovingly referred to as "Foundations." The Foundations Course has four simple elements to introduce, but first, why do we encourage church membership in the first place?

Church Membership: A Brief Overview

Through the broken body and shed blood of Jesus, those who trust in Him are ushered into covenant relationship with the Triune God and with the spiritual family He has created. This is the Church.

While it is true that every Christian is inseparably united to Jesus and His people by the work of Jesus alone, to practically experience and actively live in this reality, we must commit to a local expression of this universal family of God—a local church. If you're ready to consider local church membership and Park Church is the place, this course is for you.

Foundations Course: Four Elements

1. Family Meal

You’ll start by sharing a meal with others in the home of an elder or staff member—you'll choose your time and location when you RSVP. Although this time is simple and low-agenda, we view it as wonderfully helpful in this membership process. Being a family starts around a table where we're an open book and eager to get to know you.

2. Class-and-Discussion Sessions

Next, we'll gather on Three Sundays, April 21, April 28, and May 5, all from 4–6pm in the Gallery (meals and childcare are provided). We ask that you plan to attend at least two of the three Sunday gatherings. In these sessions, we get into a lot of detail on our story, our vision, our theology, our leadership, and more.

3. Membership Questionnaire

At the last class session of Foundations, we’ll send out a Membership Questionnaire to those who want to complete pursuing membership. Once you fill out that form, you’ll get assigned a meeting with an elder.

4. Membership Meeting with an Elder

Once the Membership Questionnaire is completed, we'll help schedule a meeting with you and an elder who oversees the region of the city you live in. In this meeting you will start to build a relationship with them, ask any lingering questions, and—if you feel called to complete membership—you will sign a Membership Covenant together.

RSVP for Foundations

Beginning in April, 2024

An RSVP for the course does not commit you to becoming a Covenant Member of Park Church. In fact, if you're trying to make a decision about membership here, the Foundations Course is a great way to get the whole picture as you prayerfully decide. If you don't choose this Spring 2024 Foundations Course, your next opportunity will be this Fall.

RSVP for Spring 2024

Ministry Videos (2021)

A little "extra credit" here… Although some of these videos are outdated now, they each shed light on what our staff teams work on and why it matters for the life of our church.

Gary McQuinn

Lead Pastor

Neil Long

Community & Formation

Joel Limpic


Jason Jones

Care & Counseling

JD Raab


Melanie Hacker

Park Kids

Neil Long


Kyle Nelson

Women's Formation

JD Raab