Park Church Residency Program

Now entering its second year, our residency program creates the opportunity to understand and practice contextualized ministry, grow as an integrated and dynamic leader, and develop practically and theologically as a follower of Jesus. Residencies are full-time, support-raised positions with a two-year timeframe (plus a possible, project-oriented third year if mutually discerned and agreed on). Time, training, and community are provided for support-raising.

Residencies take place within a specific ministry context (Student Ministry, for example) where 50–60% of time is spent. The other 40-50% of each residency is spent on professional development in ministry, cross-departmental exposure, and presence and involvement in regular staff rhythms at Park Church (meetings, Sunday service roles, and project collaboration).

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Regardless of the responsibilities ultimately owned by the resident, he or she can expect the following from their time participating on our team:

Understand & Practice Contextualized Ministry

  • Learn and observe how the unchanging Gospel and truths of Scripture get worked out in a particular cultural context
  • Participate in putting contextualization into practice, responding to felt needs and questions with the Bible’s answers
  • Speak into and help shape structures and opportunities for greater ministry to flourish

Grow as an Integrated & Dynamic Leader

  • Learn how the components of your life and story honestly integrate with the grand Story God is telling in the world
  • Discern your own wiring and work out your giftings, working alongside others and within teams, likewise leading others to do the same
  • Experience greater healing and wholeness in your relationship with Jesus, from which you lead other people

Develop Theologically & Practically as a Follower of Jesus

  • Gain clear biblical and theological categories for God, ourselves, the church, and the world
  • Work out your theology in the practice of ministry, enlivening the core doctrines of the Christian faith for our everyday lives
  • Explore how clear commitments to regular practices form our lives in Christ for greater fruitfulness


Work Within Specific Ministry Area (50–60%)

  • Serve and operate as a part of a particular team and ministry area within Park Church
  • Specifics are set by the Team Lead and found in the attached job description

Personal & Professional Develpment (20–25%)

  • Bimonthly time with Residency Cohort and Residency Team Leads
  • Reading, listening, discussing, and writing on the key areas of focus

Cross-Departmental Exposure (15–20%)

  • Presence and involvement in regular all-staff rhythms including staff meetings, prayer gatherings, etc.
  • Service in particular rotating roles during Sunday services twice per month
  • Invitation-based project collaboration discerned and agreed upon by ministry team leads

Cultivation & Maintenance of Financial Partner Team (5–10%)*

  • Presence and involvement in regular all-staff rhythms including staff meetings, prayer gatherings, etc.
  • Participate in fundraising training and ongoing coaching for successfully building and maintaining your financial partner team
  • Invest relational time cultivating a network of people to partner with you in the Ministry Residency

*This portion of the residency will occupy 100% of the resident’s time during the first two months and slightly more than 5–10% during the summer months thereafter.

Learn more about the development topics, timeline, compensation, and benefits using the PDF linked below:
Complete Description

Open Residency Positions

All residencies listed below begin in May, 2024. Residencies are listed in alphabetical order. If you’re interested or ready to apply, please read the full job description and use the button toward the bottom of this page to reach out to us!

Care & Counseling Resident

Work with the Care and Counseling team to provide leadership and support to the counseling-focused ministry of Park Church.

Read Full Description

Communication (& Art) Resident

Work with the Operations team to create an environment of clear, theologically-rich, and beautiful communication (and art, if skills and interest permit!) for the strengthening of the church.

Read Full Description

Community & Formation Resident

Work with the Community, Formation, and Mission Team to provide leadership and support to the adult discipleship-focused ministry of Park Church.

Read Full Description

Liturgy & Arts Resident

Work with the Liturgy and Arts Team to provide leadership and support for all areas connected to Liturgy & Arts at Park Church.

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Park Kids Resident

Work with the Park Kids team to provide leadership and support in overseeing age-appropriate Bible lessons, discipleship planning for ages 0–12, classroom structures, and teacher trainings.

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Park Students Resident

Work with the Park Students teams to provide age-appropriate leadership, supervision and guidance to our students in grades 6–12.

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Interested or Ready to Apply?

Current Residents

(and their thoughts on the program)

“The residency program has encouraged me to be a critical thinker about how to best relate the love of Jesus to the people around us. I have really enjoyed the round-table discussions that enable us to discern practical ministry applications from the reading. Most importantly, I’m looking forward to learning more about how to present the Gospel message in effective ways through proper contextualization.”
Danny Fuhr, Park College Resident

” I have loved being a part of the residency program at Park this year, as it has provided an enrichment of my personal life and ministry life. Center Church has been fascinating and challenging to me as a person pursuing vocational ministry, but also as a follower of Jesus. Learning about the ways in which we can better love and reach the people in our city through culturally relevant approaches has been my favorite part about the content. In addition to the reading, I look forward to our bi-weekly discussions as a cohort as they continue to challenge my perspective and heart.”
Madelynne Starbeck, Park Students Resident