Work + Worship

In Partnership with Denver Institute for Faith & Work • From Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Many Christians today feel an aching divide between their worshipping life on Sunday and their working life on Monday. Sunday worship is often viewed as an escape from a busy week of work in the office, the classroom, and the home. But what if that’s not the way God intended it to be? What if God designed human beings to live integrated lives–to carry the cares and concerns of our daily work into his sanctuary in an act of worship. What if we could experience the gospel in new and transformative ways by bringing our work and worship together?

Providence Network Toy Drive: The Results

For the past 2 years, Park Church members have given generously to Providence Network’s Mr. HUG’s Christmas Store through the purchase of new, unwrapped gifts. This year Park Church gave 189 gifts of clothing, family games, toys and sports equipment/gear … valued at over $2,800!

Providence Network is a Christian, urban, transformational housing organization that helps men, women and families heal from poverty, homelessness, domestic violence and addictions to become self-sufficient, productive members of our community. They serve over 150 men, women and children annually in our four homes: two FirstStep homes, and two NextStep apartment communities. Click here to visit their website.

Mr. HUG’s stands for “Hand Up Giving” as our Christmas store gives the residents the empowering opportunity to shop for NEW gifts for loved ones at greatly reduced prices, then donate those proceeds to another charity of their choice. Gifts are sold to our residents for: 3 for $1.00 or $3.00 (the highest price). ALL proceeds go to other Christian charities.

Through the 2014 Mr. HUG’s Christmas Store, the residents gave over $900 to other Christian charities! These gifts helped charities that proclaim the Gospel to underserved communities, give job opportunities to homeless youth and young adults, and on-the-job training for individuals overcoming poverty, homelessness, addictions and domestic violence.

Over 100 Providence Network residents (men, women and children) attended Mr. HUG’s Christmas! While their gifts were being wrapped, residents and their families mingled with friends over specialty coffee drinks and hot chocolate, hot bowls of soup and chili, and Christmas cookies … while surrounded by beautiful Christmas decorations, inspiring music and a visit with Mr. HUG’s! All of these services are provided to the residents and guests free of charge.

Several Park Church members volunteered and attended the Mr. HUG’s Christmas event on Sunday, December 7th! We estimated that between 350-400 people … volunteers, residents, families and friends … celebrated with us!

“We are extremely grateful for the partnership, love and support that we have with the Park Church family!” – Providence Network

Serve Denver Day

On Saturday, August 24th, 2014, we had our first (hopefully annual) Serve Denver Day.

What a blast.

Just under 200 “Park People” showed up to help serve our neighbors in the Highlands.

So, who did we serve, and what did we do?

North High School
-Washed almost every window
-Organized all classrooms
-Cleaned the cafeteria and auditorium

The facilities manager said, “We truly appreciate the service you all provided here at North.”

Skinner Middle School
-Transformed the community “garden”

It truly looked like a jungle when we arrived. Now it’s a pristine vegetable and flower garden that the students can use and enjoy! 

The Highlands
-Cleaned streets and alleys
-Weeded neighbors’ yards
-Hauled toilets and couches off of properties (with permission)

We covered over 30 square blocks in all. One gentleman, when asked if there was anything we could do on the spot, told the group, I think as a joke, that they could weed his whole yard.

And with 30 hands at work, his yard was weed free in 15 minutes.

-Picked up trash and yard debris
-Cleaned the streets and alleys
-Met neighbors along the way

BBQ Celebration

When we’d finished the above, we celebrated with a BBQ.

Over 20 of our neighbors showed up, and all in all, we fed about 150 people.

One of the coolest parts about the weekend was seeing two of those neighbors, who had never been to Park Church before, walk through the doors on Sunday morning for worship.

We had countless neighbors thank Park Church volunteers for servicing the community in this way and they let us know that they’d like to join Park Church the next time around. 

All glory be to Christ!