Pastoral Words for the New Year: 2 Corinthians 5:14–21

Over the first three weeks of this year, we will share three Pastoral Words that we pray will guide our church family into the New Year.


Longings Fulfilled (Revelation 21:1–6)

Jesus’ birth is also known as the “first Advent.” While we joyfully celebrated this day, we are still waiting for the second Advent—when Jesus return. The Bible promises us that Jesus is coming back and that He will make right all the things
that are broken in our world; that He will redeem the world itself into a new creation.


Hunger for Relationships: Genesis 1:26–27

We search for relationships and connections with others. We want to be seen and valued; known and loved. We seek out relationships with others because God created us for relationships. This desire is an echo of God’s voice calling us into a relationship with Him.

Matthew 6:19–24

Jesus is calling people into a Kingdom where God is known as the true and eternal source of security and love. God Himself is the treasure our hearts long for, and living for His Kingdom brings indestructible joy.