Psalm 145—Artwork

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Person: Kenzie Jones

My name is Kenzie Jones. Wife to Collin. Mom to two littles (plus one more on the way). Stay at home mom. Aspiring flower farmer. Former occupational therapist. Beginner watercolor artist.

Piece: Digital Illustration

This piece is mixed media, including watercolor, oil paint and oil pastels, and one piece of medical oxygen tape.

I’ve always been drawn to the themes of topography in scripture. In fact, the theme of gardens, God as the great gardener in John 15, and Mary mistaking the resurrected Jesus for a gardener is why we chose to name our oldest daughter, Eden. My soul stirs as I consider how rocks cry out (Luke 19:40) or all creation groans, (Romans 8:22), or the heavens pour forth speech and reveal knowledge day after day (Psalm 19). While reflecting on Psalm 145, I couldn’t shake the two juxtaposed themes of God’s splendor, glory, majesty, greatness next to his tender care, kindness, and sheer goodness.

To me, summers in Colorado pour forth speech. The mountains to me speak of Gods greatness and power and glory, and yet the wildflowers of the field that He clothes speak of his kindness and tender care. His greatness and his goodness know no match. I aimed to place the landscape and the flower study side by side as a representation of these two beautiful truths. He is incomprehensibly glorious and he is intimately good. Thanks be to God.