Christ will Come Again

The Second Coming of Christ is a fundamental Christian conviction, promised by Scripture and professed by followers of Christ throughout history. Though now often neglected or misunderstood, the promise of Jesus’ return remains vital.

Culturally, we can be horrible at waiting. Quick "fixes" are everywhere and easily-accessible comforts can dilute our felt need for all things to be made new. But there is brokenness that will go unfixed and pain that will go unhealed until Christ comes again.

The Second Coming was never meant to be a sidebar or peripheral doctrine, but a central one that we uphold, rehearse and celebrate. Scripture reflects this truth:

"Baptism is mentioned 19 times in seven Epistles, and in 14 out of 21 it is not alluded to. The Lord's Supper is only referred to three or four times in the entire New Testament… The Lord's Coming is referred to in one verse out of every 13 in the New Testament, and in the Epistles alone in one verse out of 10. This proportion is surely of importance, for if frequency of mention is any criterion there is scarcely any other truth of equal interest and value."
(W. H. Griffith-Thomas in “The Principles of Theology”)

This Advent, we're excited to focus together on Jesus' return and why it matters to our lives as Christians.

New to Advent?

This season of the church calendar includes the four Sundays before Christmas and ends on Christmas Eve. Advent means “coming” or “arrival” and is a season both for remembering Jesus' first coming at Christmas and also longing for His return. Learn more about Advent and why Park Church observes the church calendar here at our liturgy page.

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Advent Resources:

Weekly guides, sermons, and other resources.

The Second Coming and Wakefulness

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Advent 2022: Christ Will Come AgainJoel Limpic

Advent: Christ will Come Again The Second Coming of Christ is a fundamental Christian conviction, promised by Scripture and professed […]

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Advent Events:

Providence Network Christmas Store

For the last 10 years, Park Church has partnered with Providence Network around the holidays to help families in-need have an affordable, dignifying option for buying presents.

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Advent Prayer

Wednesdays, November 30–December 21 • 12–12:45pm • Gallery

Every Advent, we meet during the lunch hour on Wednesdays to sing, pray, and cultivate hunger and longing for Christ. Many also choose to fast lunch or more on these Wednesdays. If fasting is new for you, you can read more about why we practice this discipline here.

Advent Hymn Sing

Thursday, December 8 • 6:30pm

A night of singing, reading about, and longing for Jesus, our coming King. Kids are invited to wear their pajamas and parents are conditionally allowed to wear matching ones. This year, we're also excited to have a potluck cookie party beforehand. Come early and bring cookies if you'd like!

Post-Advent Events:

Christmas Eve at Park Church

Saturday, December 24 • 3:30 & 5pm (5pm Service is Streamed Live)

There will be no Park Kids; families are encouraged to worship together!

No Worship Gatherings on Christmas Day

Sunday, December 25

One Worship Gathering on New Year's Day

Sunday, January 1 • 10am Service Only (Also Streamed Live)