Advent Devotional Guide: Week One

The Second Coming and Wakefulness

Though often a neglected doctrine, the Second Coming of Jesus—as celebrated and focused on during the season of Advent—has tremendous implications for our we live our lives today. In particular, the reality of the coming return of Jesus encourages us to consider the end and to live wakefully to that reality in the here and now!

“Of all the seasons of the church year, Advent most closely mirrors the daily lives of Christians and of the church, asks the most important ethical questions, presents the most accurate picture of the human condition, and above all, orients us to the future of the God who will come again.”
(Fleming Rutledge, “Advent: The Once & Future Coming of Jesus Christ”)

Questions for Discussion

Discuss with others, with your Gospel Community, or by reflecting in your journal.

  1. When you think of the term “wakefulness” what comes to mind? How might becoming more “wakeful” impact the way you follow Jesus?
  2. In the sermon last Sunday, November 27, Joel mentioned a number of ways we may currently be “slumbering” or “lulled to sleep by the world.” Where are some places you feel spiritually asleep?

Prayer Invitations

  • Individually, with your co-workers, or with your household, pray the the Lord’s Prayer 1–3 times a day (morning, noon, and night):

    “Our Father in heaven,
    hallowed be your name.
    Your kingdom come,
    your will be done,
    on earth as it is in heaven.
    Give us this day our daily bread,
    and forgive us our debts,
    as we also have forgiven our debtors.
    And lead us not into temptation,
    but deliver us from evil.
    (From Matthew 6:9–13)

  • Join us for weekly prayer on Wednesdays, December 30–December 21, at 12pm in the Gallery at the church building. Consider also fasting from breakfast and/or lunch. New to fasting? Here are some thoughts.

A song for the week

Even So Come (Chris Tomlin, Jason Ingram, Jess Cates)

An Additional Resource

“Christ Will Come Again”, An Interview with Sam Storms by Gavin Ortlund.

(An excerpt…)

Christ has died. Christ has risen. Christ will come again.” So goes the well-known memorial acclamation. But sometimes we don’t think much about the third of these three declarations. Where does Christ’s second coming fit in with his first coming? And how does it shape our life and hope now?

To explore the doctrine of Christ’s second coming, and its practical ramifications, I corresponded with TGC Council member Sam Storms, lead pastor for preaching and vision at Bridgeway Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and author of (among many other books) Kingdom Come: The Amillennial Alternative.

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