Men’s Seminar: God’s Design for Sexual Wholeness

Content above begins at 34:08.

In our sexualized age, it’s difficult to discern what exactly our sexuality is for. Questions of identity quickly surface. Our longings for fulfillment are deep and often complex. And loud voices all around us claim versions of liberation.

All along, God stands ready to save, speaking into the confusion with kindness and clarity. God—the creator of our bodies, the one who spoke into existence our sexuality and capacities for pleasure and relationship—has laid before us His true, good, and beautiful design for it all.

As men who follow Jesus, we want to hear what He has to say, learning to live as whole beings, walking as disciples who enjoy the healing presence and genuine freedom afforded us in the grace of Christ. Let’s do that together.

Weekly Update

Joel and John give a brief overview of the season of Lent, the three Lenten practices we’re inviting you into this year, and the four Lenten events we’ll share together as a church.

Weekly Update

This is the first ever weekly update video. These videos will each be around 7–8 minutes long, with a handful of important updates. You’ll be able to watch these short videos here, on Instagram TV, and in an audio-only format via our Podcast.

This week, we hear from Gary, Kaitlin, Miguel, and Ryan.

Park Church Downtown—FAQ Conversation

This Spring, Grace City Church, which meets at the Asterisk Building downtown, will merge into our church family, and Park Church will become one church with two congregations. Listen to a conversation between Gary McQuinn and Ryan Gannett as they seek to answer some anticipated FAQs, or visit to read these questions and others in long-form or to submit your own question.