Psalm 119, Part 1: God’s Word Over Us

This Sunday is week ten of Christ in the Psalms at Park Church Highlands. We’ve made it to Psalm 119. Instead of taking Psalm 119 section-by-section, we’re addressing it topically over the course of three weeks. In this first week, the topic is “God’s Word Over Us.”


Psalm 110

This annual series, now in its tenth year, is called Christ in the Psalms. This Sunday is week one of Christ in the Psalms 2021 at Park Church Downtown. We’ll be in Psalm 110.


Matthew 9:35–38: The Shepherd & the Harvest

Jesus has certainly come to heal and transform individuals through His love and power, but He also commissions His followers to be agents of His healing power and love in a world that is ripe for a new kind of Kingdom and a new kind of King.


Matthew 9:14–17: Jesus & Religion

While Jesus’ arrival should have been celebrated, the meaning and joy of His arrival was missed by those who had lost sight of the meaning and purpose behind their religious practices—the hope of God’s presence with His people. Jesus had come to be that presence and to bring the dawn of a new age, and that meant everything was about to change.


Matthew 9:1–8: Jesus, Friends, and Forgiveness

To show the legitimacy of His authority and the scope of His mission, Jesus not only forgives the man’s sins, but also restores his body and his place within the community. In this act, Jesus is showing that He truly is the Son of God, who has the power and the authority to heal and transform people from the inside out.

Easter at Park Church Downtown

Welcome to the service replay from Easter Sunday at Park Church Downtown! Whenever you’re watching this, it’s a joy to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus together. This was also our public launch as Park Church Downtown!