Psalm 143—Artwork

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Person: Seth Coulter

My name is Seth Coulter, and I am the writer and artist behind “Saint Brigand,” an Instagram page (@saintbrigand) and website ( devoted to exploring the intersection of theology and art. It is my hope to open conversational spaces via writing and art where seekers and believers might be able ask questions and explore faith through the vehicle of artistic contemplation.

Piece: Digital Illustration

This piece was digitally created on a tablet with stylus. Its overall style inspiration is that of the illustrator and engraver line-cut style from the printing press age. <

This Psalm, although having a desperate setting—that of being in most urgent need, ‘crushed to the ground,’ has immense reserves of hope in the God that saves, the God that is faithful. And so it was my hope to try and capture that desperation mingled with hope. This ultimately led me to use the figures here as well as a muted color palette. But around the scene there are gold lines to visually introduce salvation breaking through. The piece in total took approximately 5 weeks from start to finish to complete, and had 7 iterations (it was a wandering road for a while).