Psalm 141—Artwork

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Person: James Stukenberg

James Stukenberg is a photographer drawn to people stories and creating images with a high degree of authenticity. Since relocating to Colorado from Wisconsin in 2018 he has freelanced, photographing editorial and commercial assignments. He lives with his wife, Anne, and their three young daughters Henrietta, Louisa and Juliana, in a mint green house in Westminster.

Piece: Photography

Among the many physiological allusions in Psalm 141, the mouth is referenced more than any other. The mouth is painted as both an instrument of prayer and praise and a means for destruction.

I call upon you…
Give ear to my voice (v.1)

Set a guard over my mouth…
Keep watch over the door of my lips (v.3)

Let me not eat of their delicacies (v. 4)

They shall hear my words (v. 6)

Bones scattered at the mouth of Sheol (v. 7)

The photograph is mounted and finished with wheat paste—a method often used in street art and activism to display works in public spaces. Humble, accessible and known for its temporary nature, it allows the creator to project their voice far beyond themselves.


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