Psalm 121—Artwork

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Person: Alison Harshberger

Hey, I’m Alison. I do product marketing and graphic design and live in Denver, CO with two amazing roommates and a dog. I studied marketing and graphic design in college and fell in love with digital art and design.

Piece: Digital Artwork

Digital illustration made on Procreate (shout out to the iPad and the Apple Pencil).


There were a couple things about God’s character that were revealed in Psalm 121. First, God’s consistency (though things in this life are so temporary), and second, His protection and permanence. As a Colorado girl who loves the mountains, they have always been symbol of the gift of God’s consistency and permanence. Nature is also a common place for many of us to meet God and experience His love, so I tied that in with a stained-glass style throughout.


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