Psalm 120—Artwork

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Person: Isaac Beaverson

Isaac is an artist and designer from Indiana. After graduating with a BA in Graphic Design from Taylor University, he and his wife, Sarah, moved to Denver for a new opportunity with an e-commerce startup. Outside of digital design, he enjoys working with his hands through sculpture and woodworking.

Piece: Digital Artwork

I wanted this piece to feel peaceful. Despite our distorted dwelling place, we can reach for the Lord, confident in His daily and eternal deliverance. Our world and hearts are broken and often result in pain, but by the Holy Spirit we have access to Christ as our Savior.


While reading over this psalm, I began considering how these words could apply in the context of our culture. We are not often in literal exile or fighting physical wars, but we are in a broken world fighting daily spiritual battles. Through this process, I reflected on the need for deliverance from physical enemies, but also from the world and from myself.


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