Psalm 110—Artwork

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Person: Alyssa Beck

I’m Alyssa Beck. Wife, mother to 3 littles, and a graphic designer.

Piece: Soft Pastel

I hope to spend my life in a posture of seeking to understand God’s character. One question we like to ask in our family is “What must God be like…?” I wanted to illustrate that question in meditating on Psalm 110. I learned that this Psalm is commonly quoted in the New Testament to support the understanding that Jesus, the Messiah, is both King and Priest. The visual that came to mind in meditating on this Psalm is a picture of a victorious, strong, awe-inspiring, fear-inducing lion- the reigning King juxtaposed with a silent lamb to the slaughter, in the most humble upside down position, broken.

Side-by-side this is such a beautiful reality about the character of God that surpasses my comprehension and brings me to worship. He is the lowly, willing sacrifice and the omnipotent, holy Alpha & Omega! Truly, what must He be like?