February 11, 2018

Were in our fifth week of Genesis at Park Church. In this series, we discuss God’s foundational worldview for His people and their purpose in His world. Here’s how you can prepare this week’s service:

1. Read through our text, Genesis 3–5.

Our text this week takes us through the narrative of the Fall: sin, judgement, and promise. We learn that while God has created boundaries for the good of our joy and life, the deceiver has tempted us to pursue joy and life away from God. Our rebellion against God has led to pain and death, but in Christ we are pursued by God, bringing us back to joy and life.

2. Read, pray and sing through the service:

CALL TO WORSHIP: Psalm 100:1–3

On Christ The Solid Rock (William Batchelder Bradbury and Edward Mote, arr. Austin Stone)
Build My Life (Barrett, Kable, Martin, Redman, Younker)

CONFESSION OF SIN: From Prone to Wander by Barbara R. Duguid and Wayne Duguid Houk

O God, our Father, Forgive us for our many sins. Like Adam and Eve, we are easily captivated by the objects that our eyes desire. We fall so often, and when we do, we run and hide in shame instead of running to You to confess our sin and find joy and forgiveness in the cross. You have given us Your most cherished treasure, yet we prize many other things more highly than Christ. Forgive us for trusting in our own strength more than in His power to save us completely.

Jesus, You are our strong salvation. Thank You for invading our world to rescue us from ourselves. We cannot fathom the humility, love, and commitment to Your Father’s glory, which led You to give up heaven for us. How can we ever thank You adequately?

Holy Spirit, fill us with everlasting wonder that the Gospel is true. You kept your promise to send a Savior; help us to stop trying to rescue others and ourselves. When we are tempted to sin as Adam and Eve did, remind us of Christ, who kept all Your laws for us, and fix our eyes on Him. Whether we give in to temptation or resist, show us Christ, our only hope for the perfect obedience that we require to stand before You. Cause us to cherish Christ above all our other desires, so that we will be satisfied in Him for all eternity. In His name we pray, amen.

O Come To The Altar (Brock, Brown, Furtick, and Joye)

Jesus Paid It All (Elvina Hall, Kristian Stanfill)


RESPONSE: Song & Prayer

In Tenderness (Garvey, Gordon, Walton arr. Brian Eichelberger)
It Is Well (Horatio G. Spafford, Philip P. Bliss)



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