Sunday Worship Gathering Updates

It has been a gift to gather in-person again after a long and often lonely season. We are so thankful for this, yet we also recognize that this pandemic is not over. We are all working through how to live in that difficult tension.

Given the updated CDC and City of Denver guidelines and in accordance with local school districts, as of Sunday, August 15 we are:

  • Requesting that everyone wear a mask during Sunday worship gatherings
  • Requiring that everyone wear a mask in all Park Kids areas
  • We are not taking temperatures, requiring registration, or enforcing social distancing.

Our mask policy for Sunday worship gatherings is a “request” because, although wearing a mask is a personal choice (and one that we will honor), we want to be a community that sacrificially loves others around us. We see this as an easy and important way to do that, helping prevent further spread of the disease in our area and taking special consideration for those in our community that have weakened immune systems.

Our mask policy for all Park Kids areas is a requirement because children under 12 cannot yet be vaccinated.

We will continue to provide updates if and when guidelines change. We also understand not everyone will agree with these requests, but we pray that, even so, we will all move forward with a spirit of graciousness towards and preference for one another’s interests as we are encouraged in Philippians 2:4.