March 10, 2019

We’re in our seventh week in the book of Exodus at Park Church. In brief, Exodus is all about God’s mission to redeem a people for His Kingdom in this world.

This week is also the first Sunday of the season of Lent. Lent is the 40 days leading up to Easter wherein we prepare our hearts to remember and celebrate Jesus’ death and resurrection. Learn more about the season and explore some practical ways to observe it here at our recent blog post. Here’s how you can prepare for this Sunday:

1. Read through our text, Exodus5:1–6:1.

Moses and Aaron go before Pharaoh in the name of Yahweh, the God of Israel, demanding that he let the people of Israel go. So begins the confrontation between the Lord and the oppressive ruler of Egypt. Pharaoh’s response is not entirely unexpected. He basically says, “Who’s Yahweh, and why should I listen to Him?” Additionally, instead of responding favorably to the demands of Moses and Aaron, Pharaoh responded by escalating his brutal treatment of the Hebrew people.

Not surprisingly, the people of Israel grew angry with Moses and Aaron. Their plan had apparently backfired, only causing their suffering at the hands of the Egyptians to increase. Moses responded to this anger with his own outburst toward God, circling back to his initial faithless questioning of God’s power and reliability. The Lord assures Moses that His purposes have not changed (vv.4:21)—the hardness of Pharaoh’s heart has set the stage for a shocking showcase of God’s power.

2. Read, pray, and sing through the service:

CALL TO WORSHIP: Psalm 145:13–14

Yes And Amen (Anthony Brown, Chris McClarney, Nate Moore)
Yet Even Now (Joel Limpic)

CONFESSION OF SIN: From Prayers for Lent and Holy Week by David N. Mosser:

Gracious God, You know the difficult paths we tread; You know the challenges we face. Forgive us when we wander away from Your guidance. Reclaim us when we seek other gods that lead to our own destruction. Guide us back to You that we may rest in Your shelter. Strengthen our resolve that we may face the demons of our lives and courageously resist the temptations that blind us to Your love. In hope and trust we pray. Amen.


His Mercy Is More (Matt Boswell, Matt Papa)


It Is Well With My Soul (Horatio G. Spafford, Philip P. Bliss)


All Glory Be To Christ (Dustin Kensrue arr. King’s Kaleidoscope)


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