Genesis Artwork

The artwork for this series was illustrated by hand by Christian Robinson, an artist from Oklahoma City. Our Genesis series is aimed at discussing God’s foundational worldview for His people and their purpose in His world. Christian’s artwork, in three pieces, illustrates the series’ two main movements (Parts I and II) and its narrative bookends (Part III).
Part I depicts God’s creation of the world (the foliage) and its subsequent de-creation through mankind (the hand) as a result of satanic temptation (the snake) and human rebellion.

Part II depicts God’s creation of a people (the 12 stars for 12 tribes of Israel) as God (the hand) comes to Abraham and makes a covenant (the scroll) with him and his descendants.

Part III depicts the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life appears both in the Garden of Eden in the book of Genesis and again in the New Jerusalem in the book of Revelation. We are reminded that, although at the Fall we were shut out of the Garden and barred from living forever, our ultimate destination as a result of Jesus’ redeeming work is life in a re-created world, in the Holy City, where the Tree of Life is now open to us.

Lastly, each of the three pieces were printed directly on to large birch wood panels. In place of any “white” in the above artwork, the natural woodgrain shows through; a nod to creation itself.