November 12, 2017

After completing The Book of Acts: You Will Be My Witnesses last week at Park, we’ll take the next three weeks to build and expand on Acts with an exploration of The Spirit and the Church before getting into Advent. Here’s how you can prepare this week:

1. Spend some time reviewing the work of the Spirit in the book of Acts.

The Holy Spirit is a powerful and central actor throughout the book of Acts. We see Him do many clear and otherwise-inexplicable works, from navigating Paul on his journey to raising dead people. Who is He, the Holy Ghost? What is His role in the Church of Jesus Christ as demonstrated in the book of Acts?

2. Read, pray and sing through the service:

CALL TO WORSHIP: From Joel 2:28–29; 32

God The Spirit (Matt Boswell, Samuel John Stone)
Doxology (Amen) (Louis Bourgeois, Thomas Ken, Phil Wickham)

CONFESSION OF SIN: From The Worship Sourcebook

Gracious God,
who pours out freely the gift of Your Holy Spirit:
we confess before You and to each other
that we have failed to recognize this most precious gift.
We have been satisfied with ordinary things,
suspicious of unfamiliar things,
and blind to spiritual things.
Cleanse us, O God, with Your celestial fire.
Burn away our presumptuous self-sufficiency,
and open us in faith to receive the renewing touch of Your hand.

Lord I Need You (Carson, Maher, Nockels, Reeves, Stanfill)

Jesus We Love You (Kalley Heiligenthal, Hannah McClure, Paul McClure)

ASSURANCE OF PARDON: Romans 8:1–2; 11

RESPONSE: Song & Prayer

Breath Of God (Caroline Cobb)
Revive Us Again (Charlie Hall, John J. Husband, William P. Mackay, Dustin Ragland)



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