September 24, 2017

This is week five of Mission at Park Church. We’re working through our new mission statement and its meaning, focusing this week on the last of our three disciple rhythms: Gospel-Centered Mission. Here’s what’s coming up and how you can prepare:

1. Read through our text, 1 Peter 2:9–12.

We have been born of the Spirit, citizens of a heavenly country, presently residing in the kingdom of this earth. God has called, equipped, and sent us to our neighbors and to the nations with this glorious good news, the message of reconciliation. As diciples, this permeates every facet of our lives as we seek to reflect Christ in the world and proclaim Christ to the world.

2. Read, pray and sing through the service:

CALL TO WORSHIP: Psalm 145:1–4

How Great Thou Art (Stuart K Hine.)
Jesus We Love You (Hannah McClure, Paul McClure, Kalley Heiligenthal)

CONFESSION OF SIN: From The Worship Sourcebook

Awesome and compassionate God,
You have loved us with unfailing, self-giving mercy,
but we have not loved You.
You constantly call us, but we do not listen.
You ask us to love, but we walk away from neighbors in need,
wrapped in our own concerns.
We condone evil, prejudice, warfare, and greed.
God of grace, as You come to us in mercy,
we repent in spirit and in truth,
admit our sin, and gratefully receive Your forgiveness
through Jesus Christ, our Redeemer.

How Deep The Father’s Love For Us (Stuart Townend)

Man Of Sorrows (Matt Crocker, Brooke Ligertwood)


RESPONSE: Song & Prayer

Your Great Name (Krissy Nordhoff, Michael Neale)
Build My Life (Barrett, Kable, Martin, Redman, Younker)



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