July 9, 2017

This week we’ll study Psalm 71 at Park Church, continuing our annual Christ in the Psalms summer series. Here’s how you can prepare for the service:

1. Read through our text, Psalm 71.

We observe in this Psalm that the relationship between the Psalmist’s supplication to and admiration of God is nearly direct, that is, as often as he makes a request of God, he worships Him in the next breath. He can write, “O God, be not far from me; Oh my God, make haste to help me!” before immediately turning to “tell of Your righteous acts, of Your deeds of salvation.” Why? He knows well of the righteous acts of God, and that “their number is past [his] knowledge.” He says to God, “from my youth You have taught me, and I still proclaim Your wondrous deeds.” In remembering the countless, perfect works of God, we can seek His help from a worshipful place of informed trust.

As you read the passage, consider asking yourself the following three questions:

  1. How does this Psalm help me pray?
  2. How does this Psalm help me feel?
  3. How does this Psalm help me see Jesus?

2. Read, pray and sing through the service:

CALL TO WORSHIP: Psalm 46:1–7

A Mighty Fortress Is Our God (Martin Luther, Matt Boswell)
Ever Be (Strand, Greely, Wilson, Heiligenthal)

CONFESSION OF SIN: From Every Seasons Prayers by Scotty Smith.

Dear heavenly Father,
You alone are worthy of our mind’s attention,
our heart’s affection, and our soul’s adoration.
There is no God as merciful and mighty as You;
no God more holy and welcoming, powerful and present,
compassionate and caring as You.
Because the gospel is true,
we fear You with deep affection and love You with expectant hope.

Hear our confession.
We grieve the ways we loved poorly this past week.
We were often too busy to listen,
too hasty in our judgments,
and too preoccupied to care.
We grieve the ways we blamed others for our discontent,
the ways we didn’t humble ourselves before You,
the ways we didn’t avail ourselves of Your grace.

Father, forgive us of our sins.
Our hope is built on nothing more, nothing less,
and nothing other than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.
In Christ’s name we pray. Amen.

Lord I Need You (Carson, Maher, Nockels, Reeves, Stanfill)

Man Of Sorrows (Matt Crocker, Brooke Ligertwood)


RESPONSE: Song & Prayer

Christ The Sure And Steady Anchor (Matt Boswell, Matt Papa)
Cornerstone (Bradbury, Liljero, Morgan, Mote, Myrin)



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