Why Advent & the “Christian Calendar?”

If you haven’t been around Park Church for that long, you might have noticed the stage had a different feel this last week and that we were talking about Advent as well as the “Christian Calendar”. Many did not grow up in a Christian church, and if you did, your particular church may have never talked about Advent or Lent or some of the other seasons within the Christian calendar. So what is the Christian calendar and why do we follow it?

Last year, we wrote up a short blog explaining a bit more about the Christian calendar here for those who were interested. We also posted another entry as to why we follow it here. We hope this helps you understand and engage a bit more with the season. If you’re wanting to dive more into Advent, Justin Holcomb wrote up a great article entitled “What Is Advent?”

Finally, we have some great books and devotionals on Advent & the Christmas season on our bookshelf at Park Church if you want to engage in this season more intentionally. In particular, there’s one written by John Piper entitled “The Dawning of Indestructible Joy” (which actually has a Kindle version on sale for $0.99) and another written by Douglas Wilson called “God Rest Ye Merry”.

May this season prepare our hearts for Christmas, both increasing our anticipation for and adoration of Christ.


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