Lenten Song Meditation: Week 4

Throughout the season of Lent, we’ll be posting various songs that will help us engage in this season. Music is a helpful way of engaging both our minds and our affections as we meditate on truths of Scripture. This week we’ll be listening to “To Thee I Come”, a song on Red Mountain’s album “All Things New” and sung by one of my favorite singer/songwriters Thad Cockrell. If you want to buy the song or the album, click here.

(Verse 1)
To Thee I come a sinner poor
And wait for mercy at Thy door
Indeed, I’ve nowhere else to flee
Oh God, be merciful to me

(Chorus 1)
To Thee I come a sinner weak
And scarce know how to pray or speak
From fear and weakness set me free
Oh God be merciful to me!

(Verse 2)
To Thee I come a sinner vile
Upon me Lord vouchsafe to smile
Mercy through blood I make my plea
Oh God be merciful to me!

(Chorus 2)
To Thee I come a sinner great
And well Thou knowest all my state
Yet full forgiveness is with Thee
Oh God be merciful to me!

(Verse 3)
To Thee I come a sinner lost
Nor have I aught wherein to trust
But where Thou art, Lord, I would be
Oh God be merciful to me!

(Chorus 3)
To glory bring me Lord at last
And there when all my sins are passed
With all the saints I’ll then agree
God was merciful to me!
God was merciful to me!

1) This song provides us a few descriptions of how we come to God: a sinner poor, weak, vile, great, and lost. These are reminiscent of the tax collector who approached God and said, “God, be merciful to me, a sinner!” in Luke 18:9-14. As we approach God, may we approach with a deep sense of humility this season.

2) Verse 2 says, “Mercy through blood I make my plea.” On what basis do we ask for mercy from God? Here we are reminded that it’s only through the blood of Christ that we ultimately find mercy and cleansing. Thank Him for His blood shed for your sins!

3) The last verse reminds us of our glorious end in Christ. One day we will be with God in glory and all our sins will be wiped away. One thing that won’t be wiped away is the worship that we’ll be pouring out on God for all eternity as we thank Him for the mercy that is ours in Christ! Take time this season of Lent to thank Him for this beautiful and hopeful truth.