Tonight and This Weekend

We were made for God. We were made with desires that simply cannot find satisfaction outside of Him and the Life He gives. One of the most wonderful discoveries I’ve found is that this Life literally spills over into everything. It isn’t limited to strictly “religious” activities. It isn’t restricted to particularly spiritual moments. This Life, this Joy-in-and-through-Him pours out through the Cross and by the Spirit to fill up and transform all of life. It has to do with food and family and friends and a well poured glass of wine. God intends to be trusted and loved and obeyed but there is literally no sphere of life where that is not immediately and directly relevant.

This week we will finish 1 Corinthians 12 and find Paul making the case that this Life in the Spirit comes to the whole of the church. No one is exempt. No one can opt out. If you are a part of the local church you were made to be wielded by the Spirit for the good and life of all.

Tonight we’ll look at what this sort of life looks like with our children. I encourage you to sign up on the city and join us as we examine the kind of Life God calls us to in our homes, with our children, pursuing Joy.

Joel Limpic will be leading our music on Sunday. Please take the opportunity to meet him this weekend if you haven’t yet. He and his family will be moving to Denver in the next few weeks. Also take a look at a side project he has been working on here. It is called The Verses Project and is a collaboration of a number of artists to help the church memorize scripture.


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