Kids’ Sunday Worship:
October 4

Good Morning Park Kids!

The Israelites wanted a king! Samuel knew that Israel’s desire for a king was sinful. God told Samuel,“The people do not want me to be their King. Give the people a king.” God chose a man named Saul to be king. Saul was strong and handsome; he looked like a good king! But Saul did not obey God.

Do you know who obeyed God perfectly? Jesus! Jesus is our perfect king.

This is our last Sunday with this Big Picture Question and Bible Memory Verse. For the activity video, you will need three pieces of paper, scissors, and glue/tape.

Kids, Pick an Activity!

Due to licensing restrictions, videos and other learning resources from LifeWay will only be available on this page through Monday, October 5.


God’s People Wanted a King


Should Those Who Have Faith In Christ Seek Their Salvation Through Their Own Works, Or Anywhere Else? from The New City Catechism by The Gospel Coalition

Story Time with Miss. Melanie

Week 26: The Prisoners, the Earthquake and the Midnight Song

by Bob Hartman and Catalina Echeverri


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