Kids’ Sunday Worship: May 31

Hey parents!

Good Morning! We continue our story in Exodus 19–20. God wanted His people to worship Him, so God gave Moses special rules. These rules are called the Ten Commandments. God’s rules are good, but people cannot obey them perfectly. Only Jesus obeyed God perfectly. The Ten Commandments show us we need Jesus to rescue us! This is our last week in our memory verse Matthew 22:37. Our big picture question is “What is God like?”, and the answer is “God is holy, good, and loving!” For the activity video, you will need pillows, bean bags, paper bag, and craft supplies. In the activity video, we have one activity for toddlers, one activity for any age, one activity for preschool/elementary, and one activity for the whole family! Here are the Ten Commandments in kid-friendly language:
  1. Do not worship anyone but Me.
  2. Do not make statues to worship.
  3. Do not treat My name like it is not special.
  4. Remember the day of rest because I rested on the seventh day after I made everything.
  5. Obey your mother and father.
  6. Do not kill.
  7. Do not break your marriage promises.
  8. Do not steal.
  9. Do not lie.
  10. Do not want things that belong to other people.

Kids, Pick an Activity!

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God Gave Rules to Show How to Love Him and Others


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