Kids’ Sunday Worship:
January 31

Good Morning Park Kids!

King Ahab was a bad king of Israel. God sent Elijah the prophet to give the king a message: no rain would fall for a long time. No rain meant no food or water! Elijah had to escape from King Ahab, so God told Elijah to go to a widow’s house. The woman and her son did not have enough food to eat. Elijah said to her, “Please give me a little water and bread.” The woman said, “I only have a little bit of flour and oil.” Elijah said, “God will not let the oil or flour run out until He makes it rain again.” The woman obeyed. The woman’s oil and flour did not run out, and she and her son had plenty to eat. Elijah’s miracles showed that God is powerful.

Today we have a new Bible memory verse and a new Big Picture question. For the activity video, you will need a paper plate and something to color with.

Kids, Pick an Activity!


God Provided in Miraculous Ways


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by Marty Machowski and Trish Mahoney

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