Kids’ Sunday Worship: August 9

Good morning, Park Kids! I am praying for you this morning.

In our story today, we are reminded that God was with Joshua and the Israelites as they took over the promised land. One day, five kings and their armies came to fight Gibeon, a city that was friends with the Israelites. The city of Gibeon asked Joshua and Israel for help! God was with Joshua and the Israelites when Joshua’s soldiers caught the armies by surprise. Then Joshua said, “God, make the sun stand still!” And God did! Joshua and his army won the battle!

God fought for His people. God gave them victory. God gives us victory too by sending Jesus to die for our sins. We can have victory over sin and death because of Jesus.

For the activity video, you will need paper, colored pencils, glue or tape. This is the last Sunday with this memory verse (Deuteronomy 31:8) and big picture question (How can we glorify God?).

Kids, Pick an Activity!

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