Huddle Links

This page contains links referenced in specific weeks of the Huddle curriculum.

Part Two

Week Eleven

Up, In, and Out—The Jesus Pattern (YouTube)

Week Thirteen

“How to Bring the Gospel to Post-Christian America” Podcast with Carey Nieuwhof and Tim Keller: On Spotify; On Apple Podcasts

“When You’re Afraid to Talk About Jesus” from the Thirty Minutes with the Perrys Podcast: On Spotify; On Apple Podcasts

Week Fourteen

“Watch and Reflect” Short Videos on Discipleship:

Making Disciples by Francis Chan

How Does the World Disciple Us? by Jon Tyson

Your Church is Only as Good as its Disciples by Jon Tyson

What Does Disciples-Making Look Like? by Dhati Lewis

Next-Gen Discipleship by Christine Caine

Week Nineteen

Spiritual Warfare from the Prayer Course

Intro to Spiritual Beings by the Bible Project

The Satan and Demons by the Bible Project

Week Twenty-One

Hospitality: What It Is and What It Is Not by Rosaria Butterfield

A Generosity Disconnect by Bryan Loritts

Exilic Generosity by Tim Keller

Part One

Additional Resources

Week 1:
The Whole Sweep of Scripture by NT Wright

Week 2:
Brave 2019 Teaching by Jackie Hill Perry

Week 5:
Psalm 119—Learning to Love God’s Word by Mike Kelsey

Week 11:
Dreams: God’s Night Parables from Bridgetown