Daddy Daughter Date Night

May 20, 2022 at 4:00 PM

For more info, contact: Melanie Fenwick


Whether you're a regular old jelly donut dad or a fancy bourbon-maple-glazed-with-bacon kinda guy, we're creating a time and resource to take your frosted-sprinkles out for a meaningful night of connection.

Historically, the Daddy Daughter Dance has been an important annual event for fathers, father-figures, and the daughters they love. This year, with our basement event space still under renovation, we decided to empower you to make the magic happen. What was that Daddy Daughter Dance magic in years past? Your unique attention on her; your delight.

Just because the event isn't in the basement of the Park Church building doesn't mean there won't be dancing. In fact, we plan to help fathers and father-figures dance, eat treats, make crafts, and spend intentional time together in new and incredible ways.