Czech Republic Trip


Park Church exists to make disciples of Jesus for the glory of God and the joy of all people. One of the ways we do that is through partnering with churches, both domestically and abroad. This September, we have the opportunity to send people to a missionary family and a partner church in the Czech Republic, meeting some specific, requested needs—group training in music and the arts for the church body.

Why the Czech?

The Czech Republic is statistically the most secular country in Europe, where only 0.7% of its population are evangelical Christians, and 64.4% of the population is expressly non-religious. The Bartol family works closely with church plants to resource and support them, and one of these churches is called Kostel Jinak (“Church Otherwise”). This church has asked Park Church to send people to (a) encourage them as a partner church (Ephesians 6:22) and (b) train them in music and the arts as tools of discipleship and evangelism.

Why Music & The Arts?

In Denver (as in most cities) we can see the cultural power of music and the arts without having to look too far. These forces are not only innately human, they are inherently related to bearing the image of God—God who makes beautiful things that speak messages. The nearest city to Kostel Jinak is Prague, a city of enduring artistic beauty founded nearly one thousand years before Denver. For this church to request help from our church in cultivating an arts culture for discipleship, we’re humbled and eager to prepare ourselves, get ourselves there, and do our best!