Covenant Membership Renewal

If you were at our Family Meeting on Monday, October 25, you may remember hearing about our new Member Covenant Renewal process. In short, for the Elders and Staff of Park Church to shepherd and care for our Covenant Members well, it’s essential that we know who you are! If you are a Covenant Member at Park Church, we’re asking you to begin renewing your commitment on an annual basis.

Why are we doing this? First, this annual practice helps us organize our approach to shepherding members of our church family. Second, and even more, we’re calling ourselves to a rhythm of remembrance—remembering what Jesus has done to make us part of His family and what it practically looks like to live into this reality:

Through the broken body and shed blood of Jesus, those who trust in Him are ushered into covenant relationship with the Triune God and with the spiritual family He has created. This is the Church. While it is true that every Christian is inseparably united to Jesus and His people by the work of Jesus alone, to practically experience and actively live in this reality, we must commit to a local expression of this universal family of God—a local church.

If you are a Covenant Member of Park Church, please take a few minutes to complete the form linked below. It will walk you through the main components of our Membership Covenant—both what we commit to you as well as what you commit to the church. Lastly, there is space for you to let us know how we can more effectively come alongside you as a member of our church.



Our next membership class, called Foundations, will happen in Spring of 2022. We will share more info about that class as it approaches.


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