Sam Perez

Our guest is Sam Perez. He works for Cru at the University of Malaga!


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Show Notes

2:30 – Who Sam Perez Is

7:40 – Was He Nervous To Propose To His Boss?

10:35 – Was He Raised In A Christian Home?

13:20 – Why They Came To Denver

15:40 – What They Did In Denver

17:05 – What It Was Like To Assimilate To American Culture

21:30 – How It’s Going In Granada

26:55 – What His Job Is

29:10 – What His Wife Is Up To

32:40 – What’s Been Reading And Watching

35:10 – Best Meal He’s Had Recently

37:25 – Nerdiest Thing He’s Into Right Now

39:50 – Where He’d Put A Billboard And What It’d Say