Dan Bartol

Our guest is Dan Bartol. He’s a part of Metro Church in Olomouc, Czech Republic.


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Show Notes

3:00 – The Dan Bartol Story

4:30 – How He Met His Wife

6:15 – How He “Left The Military And Moved Into A Crack House”

9:30 – Why They Started Thinking About Moving To The Czech Republic…

15:00 – The State Of Religion (And Superstition) In The Czech Republic

18:30 – What They’re Doing With The Church In Olomouc

20:30 – What It’s Been Like Learning The Language (For Them, And Their Kids!)

22:10 – The Difference Between Immersion And Submersion

24:20 – Have They Thought About Leaving?

25:50 – How We Can Pray For Them

30:45 – Favorite Book, TV Show, And Movie He’s Read/Watched Recently

33:15 – Favorite Meal He’s Had Recently

34:15 – Nerdiest Thing He’s Into Right Now

35:50 – Where He’d Put A Billboard And What It’d Say