Jason Procopio

Our guest is Jason Procopio. He planted Connection Church in Paris, France.


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Show Notes

3:45 – Who Jason Procopio Is (And How He Met “The Only French Girl In Florida”)

6:30 – How John Piper Became His “Gateway Drug”

10:45 – How To Pronounce The Name Of Their Church

11:30 – How They Decided To Plant In The Heart Of Paris (After Initially Saying It Was The One Place They Wouldn’t Plant)

16:25 – Challenges They’ve Faced As They’ve Planted

21:55 – Successes They’ve Seen Since Planting

31:20 – What To Do When You Run Out Of Space (Spoiler: They’re Not Sure)

33:10 – How The Terroristic Acts Of 2015 Effected Them

40:20 – How To Support And Pray For Them

46:20 – Favorite Show / Book He’s Watched / Read Recently