Jemar Tisby

Our guest is Jemar Tisby. He’s the cofounder of the Reformed African American Network and the cohost of Pass the Mic.


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Show Notes

2:25 – Who Jemar Tisby is

5:00 – What he learned while doing Teach For America in the Mississippi Delta

7:35 – Why he decided to go from being a teacher to a seminary student

9:45 – Why he decided to get his PhD in History

12:35 – Why the confederate statues went up (and why they must come down)

14:20 – The history of white supremacy in American churches

17:30 – Recommended resources on the history of segregation in the American church

21:50 – Lessons he learned from being in a multi-ethnic church

26:10 – The best way for a church to respond after an event like Charlottesville

30:15 – Longer term steps to becoming multi-ethnic

35:40 – His issue with Malcom Gladwell’s podcast about Brown vs. Board

37:45 – Why it’s so important for teachers to invest in their students (and why we need more minority teachers)

40:50 – Three books by African American authors that everyone should read

43:15 – If he could put a billboard anywhere, where it would go and what it would say