Chris Horst

Our guest is Chris Horst. Chris is the author of Mission Drift: The Unspoken Crisis Facing Leaders, Charities, and Churches, and VP of Development at Hope International.


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Show Notes

2:30 – The ninety second Chris Horst story

3:40 – How and why Hope International got started

4:35 – What “Microfinance” is all about and how it helps people

6:20 – Two or three inspiring stories of the work Hope has done

9:40 – What the Colorado Microfinance Alliance does

12:15 – What he means when he talks about “the dignity of work”

13:45 – What the Denver Institute for Faith and Work is doing

17:10 – What his book “Mission Drift” is all about

20:02 – Practical ideas for navigating the tension between work and family

26:05 – “Sabbatical is a circuit breaker for idolatry.”

27:15 – The book he’s working on next… (“Rooting for Rivals”)

29:19 – Favorite book he’s read recently

30:00 – Favorite TV show and movie he’s watched recently

31:00 – Nerdiest thing he’s into right now

31:55 – Best meal he’s had recently

33:00 – If he could put anything on a billboard, what would it be and where would he put it?


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