Wesley Hill

Wesley Hill (PhD, Durham University, UK) is Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies at Trinity School for Ministry in Ambridge, Pennsylvania.

He is the author of Washed and Waiting: Reflections on Christian Faithfulness and Homosexuality, and Spiritual Friendship: Finding Love in the Church as a Celibate Gay Christian.

He has written for Books & Culture, Christianity Today, and First Things. He co-founded and writes regularly for SpiritualFriendship.org.


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Show Notes

7:12 – Why he wrote his first book, Washed and Waiting

10:01 – Why he decided to come out in college (and who he told)

12:45 – What “the gift of going second” is, and how to give it to others

14:23 – The history of the term “ex-gay” (and what’s unhelpful about it)

16:25 – Why he identifies as a “gay, celibate Christian”

23:05 – How the church can disciple those who are same-sex attracted

26:05 – Why he wrote his second book, Spiritual Friendship

28:27 – The two options he thought he had as a 20-year-old (and the third way he’s discovered today)

30:55 – How to find friendship after college

37:44 – When it might be appropriate to end a friendship

41:57 – How the culture views friendship vs. how Christian history views friendship

42:55 – Favorite book he’s read recently, nerdiest thing he’s into right now, and who he’s planning to vote for


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