Preview of the Apocalypse of John

At the very center of Revelation lay two distinct images: The Throne and Two Cities.

Ruling over all creation is “The One Who is Seated on The Throne” and His Lion who is the Slain Lamb. All of History is thus sovereignly ruled with purpose.

Even in its apparent chaos and rebellion, God is bringing to fruition his long ordered intentions: Judgment and Redemption.

Through all of history- even now – God is ever judging those who will not worship the Lamb and redeeming and cleansing those who belong to the Lamb.

The culmination of this history constitutes the Tale of Two Cities. One in rebellion against

the Throne, the other worshipping the Lamb, redeemed and cleansed by Him.

This framework: The Throne and The Tale of Two Cities, is meant to become a lens through which the church sees its worship and its mission in the world.

We are witnesses to the One who sits on the Throne and to the Lamb and our great hope is the eternal life of the City filled with the glory and presence of God.