Kelley Nikondeha

Our guest is Kelley Nikondeha. She’s the author of Adopted: The Sacrament of Belonging in a Fractured World.


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Show Notes

1:30 – Who Kelley Nikondeha is 5:00 – What compelled her to write her book 7:30 – How to think about theology and adoption 11:10 – How to help adopted kids understand that they belong in their family 14:00 – What grasshopper pie is 16:30 – How to have the “you are adopted” conversation with your kids 19:30 – How to work through potential bitterness with the birth mom 30:00 – Challenges associated with raising children of a different ethnicity 35:30 – How to think about the financial costs associated with adoption 39:30 – Favorite TV Shows 40:20 – Favorite Recent Meal 41:30 – Nerdiest Thing She’s Into 44:30 – Where She’d Put A Billboard, And What It Would Say