Karen Swallow Prior

Our guest is Karen Swallow Prior. She’s an English professor at Liberty University. She’s also the author of Booked: Literature in the Soul of Me and Fierce Convictions: The Extraordinary Life of Hannah More ?Poet, Reformer, Abolitionist.


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Show Notes

1:23 – Why Dr. Prior goes by all three names (Karen Swallow Prior) 3:45 – Who she is and where she comes from 6:15 – How and why she made the move to Liberty University 9:38 – What it’s been like working at Liberty for almost 20 years now 14:03 – How she thinks about church (“It’s not about me”) 15:45 – What are legitimate criteria for leaving a church of which you are a member? 17:45 – What she does with her summers (“I sit around and eat bon bons…”) 19:00 – What her new book is about… 21:40 – What her first book – Fierce Convictions – is all about 23:25 – A great question from a listener… 30:05 – If she had to pick three classics for everybody to read, they would be… 32:15 – Best thing she’s watched recently 33:25 – Nerdiest thing she’s into right now 34:30 – Best thing / worst thing she’s seeing in this generation of students 37:30 – Best meal she’s had recently 38:15 – If she could put a billboard anywhere in the world, where would she put it, and what would it say